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Correlation-based Stereo

The algorithm searches for corresponding image patches in the supplied stereo pictures by computing the correlation between small image-patches of size 7x3 pixel. The calculated disparity values assume only integer values (Fig.1).

 - First stage of Disparity Calculations -

Fig 1: Output of the first stage of the stereo-algorithm

In a second processing step, these integer values can be refined to sub-pixel precision by using an iterative scheme proposed by Okutomi and Kanade. (further reference: Okutomi & Kanade, Int. J. of Comp. Vis. 7:2, 143-162, 1992 ). A fixed window-size is used, so this second interpolation step is essentially identical to a subpixel-shift detection as it is used in standard optical flow methods.

 - Refined Disparity Map  -

Fig 2: Refined Disparity Map

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