Stereo by Coherence Detection
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Stereovision by Coherence Detection - Expert Version

Main URL of stereo data:

2 Images Left|Right Right|Left Mirror Anaglyph

Right|Left|Right Left/Right Right/Left Interlaced Sirds

Horizontal Disparities Vertical Disparities

Secondary URL (for right stereo image):

Maximal Image Size:

120 pixel 140 pixel 160 pixel 180 pixel 200 pixel


Automatic Vergence Control: total disparity range: pixel Allow for rotation

Focus: wide normal narrow

Fixed disparity range: Disparities from to pixel

Spatial Scales used:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 scales

Disparity-Detectors available:

Gradient-based Detector Robust Gradient

Tensor-based Detector Complex-Cells

Gradient-based, iterative Detector (slow! and bad...;-) Windowed Fourier-Phase


Fast Sync-Scheme Hierarchical Sync-Scheme

Spatial coherence

Verify disparity data with


Grayscale Display - all maps separate

Colored Disparity Map - displays fine detail

Red_blue Anaglyph - for viewing originals in 3D

Projections - for visualization of 3d-structure

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