;;; The images defined by and accompanying this header file may not be copied
;;; or redistributed without inclusion of this corresponding header file.
;;; This header file must include this message, and the acknowledgement of
;;; the source (see :SOURCE below) of the images.

(:TITLE "Renault Part"
 :FILENAME (:BEGIN "renault"
            :SIZE "512"
            :END ".img"
            :STEREO (:STEREO "l" "m" "r")
            :ORDER (:BEGIN - :SIZE - :STEREO :END))
            :PIXELS/LINE 512
            :BITS/PIXEL 8)
 :KEYS ("B/W" 
        "Machine Part"
 :SOURCE "USC Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems, Gerard Medioni"
 :DESCRIPTION "Renault automobile part."
                 :AUTHOR "Medioni, G. and Nevatia, R."
                 :TITLE "Segment-Based Stereo Matching"
                 :JOURNAL "Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing"
                 :YEAR 1985
                 :MONTH "July"
                 :PAGES "2-18"
                 :VOLUME 31)))