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VRMLs from Stereodata

Stored here are some 3d-models calculated automatically with a special version of the coherence-based stereo algorithm. The only input needed are the two stereo images, like these:

 - Mount St. Helens, right -  - Mount St. Helens, left -
From two input images (Mount St.Helens after the explosion) ...

Output of the algorithm is a 3d model, stored as VRML-1.0 file, which can be viewed from any angle

 - Mount St. Helens, 3D
... to an automatically calculated 3d-model.

in many VRML-browser (like the Cosmo-Viewer; check also the listing at the web 3D consortium).

Just click on one of the "direct viewing" links below for viewing. Start with the low-res models if you do not have 3d hardware acceleration on your machine.

More 3d-models will be added in the near future!

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